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Chester NJ, I Think I Love You!

Chester NJ

Chester NJ Main Street

As I was driving into Chester NJ this morning I was enjoying the outrageously beautiful day…the sky is blue, the trees are swaying in the breeze and its a cooler..the window is open and there is fresh air streaming in…a perfect summer day!
It got me thinking about how lucky I am to work in Chester. It’s a lovely town and as I swing onto Main St. which is still sleepy (its 9 am) I realize again what a great place it is. In a world where there is so much going on and so much strife its wonderful to have a place to go where I can forget about the news.
Chester NJ, shopping

Chester NJ looking toward Chester Village Square

I am guessing that is how everyone that comes to Chester feels. Here they can stroll down pretty tree-lined Main St. and RELAX…CHILL…BREATHE. That’s right going to Chester is good for your well-being!!!! The buildings exude charm from a by gone time – its really one of the few Main Streets in the state that still have this ambience. You can stop into the shops – which are many – and buy yourself a memento or do some serious shopping and take home a sofa! If you are hungry there are numerous places to eat and drink. I am partial to lemonade so I love to run over to Maria’s and get one. I also love going to Bella Pizza because they make fantastic grilled chicken and of course I am always trying to eat healthy.

I know a lot of people who just enjoy the drive to Chester. I come up Rt 206 and it is a beautiful drive – no buildings necessarily just trees and fields. Nice. Gosh remember Sunday Drives???

Well I digress but I would love to hear from YOU about what you love about Chester…so drop me a line and tell me your favorite things about it…and don’t forget to like us on facebook


4 comments on “Chester NJ, I Think I Love You!

  1. Dana Baardsen
    July 30, 2013

    Hey Barb! Wow…what a great post. I agree. Chester is such a beautiful, peaceful, happy and tranquil town.

    • elegantparis
      August 12, 2013

      Hey Ros, It was great to meet you yesterday and such a coincidence since Pat and I were just talking about THE WHISTLING SWAN !!! I have so many great memories of Chester and I love your memory! Mothers are special!

  2. Dana Baardsen
    July 30, 2013

    My favorite thing about Chester is the fall season. The beautiful changing leaves, clear blue skies and Halloween on Main Street is such a great time for the community. Especially apple picking, pumpkin picking, and the corn mazes! I have so many great memories here.

  3. Ros Bruno
    August 11, 2013

    My favorite memory of Chester is strolling up Main Street with my mom. We would browse the shops, then stop for a cup of coffee and something sweet. It gave us an opportunity to talk about everything and nothing. This was real quality mother/daughter time. I miss it.

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