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10 Reasons Why You Need to Bring Your Date to Chester

Let’s face it, the historical yet trendy town of Chester is a perfect via point for lovebirds to flock.

As a Chester resident, who has worked on the Main Street for the past seven years or so, I have witnessed first hand the swooning sweethearts who love nothing more than to romp through this town together. Who could blame them?

Here’s what they love:

  1. Walking hand in hand on the brick sidewalks: Stroll past the historical homes and establishments dating back to the 1700s, revamped as modern-day stores and restaurants. You and your lover will experience a unique storybook essence, only to be found in Chester.
  2. Visiting during an event: Whether you like to people watch, see new things, or sink into a different activities together, visiting Chester on an event day is a smart move. There will be so much to do and see, whether it’s our famous Craft Shows, Car Shows, or Costume Dog Parades, just to name a few. You can expect to have a light-hearted, special, and potentially very romantic day.
  3. Hanging in Maria’s Cafe: Yes, we’re calling you out, Maria! Visit this exceptional coffee shop in Chester, and expect to be showered with Hoboken breads, delicious espresso and candies from Italy. Sit in your own quiet corner of Maria’s and enjoy your treats, while you take a break.chester nj, Chester new jersey, date ideas northern nj, date ides nj, date ideas ny
  4. Antiquing: If you’re from out of town, you need to go antiquing with your date. This town is known for it’s antique dealers and shops, so make sure you don’t miss out. As you move through the treasures in each store, many memories, opinions, and conversations will come about. Enjoy it.
  5. Walking in the woods: The hiking trails in this town are outstanding. Some forestry trails are for the more athletic, and others are just simple and beautiful. Whether it’s rushing waterfalls, rocky paths, or calm streams, you will find the perfect secluded trail in Chester.
  6. Visiting during the fall: Chester is the perfect getaway during all seasons, but the fall is truly an outstanding time for Chester. Get your hands dirty at a local farm and pick your own pumpkins, or get lost together in a corn maze when the evening strikes. What better way to bond than over a hot cup of homemade apple cider, as the beautifully colored leaves rustle past your feet?
  7. Visiting during winter: There are few things I’ve seen in life, more beautiful than pure white snow lining the sidewalks, and toppling over lamp-posts, festive wreaths, and the rooftops of our gorgeous light-studded buildings. Old-fashioned dressed Christmas carolers sweep through the town, bringing you back in time, while horse-drawn carriages take visitors for rides. It’s amazing.
  8. Eating more: When you’re ready to have something to eat, you will have no trouble finding a place to sit down and feel at home for your next meal. Whether it’s a themed lunch for comfort food and tea, at Sally Lunn’s Tea Room, or a romantic Northern Italian feast with a glass of red wine, at Benitos, you’re in for a treat. One of the most lover-friendly restaurants in Chester, is the historic Publick House, an old inn, which dates back to 1810. The interior of this establishment is stunning. Drop in for dinner, drinks, live music, or hang by the sofa or wrap around porch, and enjoy some homemade gelato, while taking in the old-brick, dimly-lit atmosphere.
  9. Being sweet: For dessert, stop by the Cupcake Wars winners at The Sweet Spot Bake Shoppe and grab some cupcakes. You can mosey over to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and fight over truffles, chocolate covered fruits, and candied apples.
  10. Shopping: After spending time in Chester, you will probably want to leave with a special token. Visiting the different shops is a fun way to spend time together. Plus, there is such an array of merchandise to see and enjoy. By hitting the stores, you will be supporting small business, which is what keeps this town alive year-round.

Make sure you hit the jewelry stores, clothing stores, and some of the other unique stores, which have been here for quite a while! You’re Not in Kansas Anymore is a favorite for women who want to feel like Marilyn, and you will leave The Midnight Owl feeling a little more magical than when you entered it. The Whistling Elk streams romantic Parisian music. Paired with the intoxicating Lamp Berger aroma floating through the air and the elegant design throughout this shop, it’s difficult for any lady to leave. There are so many more amazing stores to discover, and the doors are open for you.

So, is that enough? There’s a thousand things I didn’t mention, but I will leave a little room for mystery. You and your love can discover what true magic Chester has to offer on your own.




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