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Turquoise Discovered in Chester NJ at Objects of Desire!

If you love turquoise and silver stop whatever you are doing and go immediately to Objects of Desire in historic downtown Chester where a large deposit of Turquoise has been discovered !!!  Have fun looking at it, or better yet trying some on….or of course you could treat yourself and take home a beautiful one-of-a-kind highly collectable, signed piece of  American  jewelry.  This Turquoise strike could be mined out soon – so make it quick!!!!

silver and turquiose jewelry

Rings: Rectangle turquoise ring is designed and crafted by Harry Morgan and the turquoise is Pilot Mountain. Oval turquoise ring is designed by Springall (not sure of first name) and the turquoise is Sleeping Beauty Bear Paw turquoise ring is designed and crafted by the artist A. Jane and the turquoise in Pilot Mountain.

At Objects of Desire they LOVE Turquoise and will be happy to share its amazing history with you.  It’s actually been around since ancient Egypt and was believed to have been the stone of life.  Wow…pretty cool!

Native American tribes have used this gemstone to create treasures that have been passed down for centuries.  They consider it a noble art form and the techniques and nuances of working with silver pass from one generation to the next.  These creative artists are held in the highest esteem by their tribes and fashion amazing one-of-a-kind heirlooms. Some of the most prolific Native American artists originate from the Navajo Tribe.  Whether it is a bracelet, necklace, ring or pendant the artist’s creation is original  and unique.

So there you have it:  ancient tradition – spirituality – craftsmanship –  beauty! 

turquoise jewelry chester nj

Turquoise Pendant is Royston Ribbon Turquiose – by Artist La Rosa and  and multi strand necklace crafted using Royston Turquoise and Silver Navajo Pearls.

Objects of Desire on Main Street in Chester, NJ features many of these original jewelry designs by renowned award-winning Native American artists–Darrell Becenti, Sunshine Reeves, Andy Cadman, Aaron Toadlena ,Tom Charly, and Pam Springall – just to name a few.  So plan to spend some time in this extraordinary boutique in the heart of Chester.   These exclusive pieces of turquoise jewelry represent gemstones from several different North American mines such as Pilot Mountain, Royston, Broken Arrow Sleeping Beauty, King’s Manassas and many others.  This represents the best of the best of North American Turquoise and its all here waiting for you to discover it, love it and, well–ahem, wear it home!

objects of desire boutique chester nj

Earrings: Stones are Sleeping Beauty turquoise and blue topaz.

Objects of Desire is surrounded by lots of other great shops…come spend a day in Chester and make a proper investigation of all the shops!!!


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