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Puttin on the Ritz….in Chester NJ

Chester NJ

Chester NJ

It’s Fall Craft Show Weekend – again…its the 40th anniversary!  Wow that’s actually pretty impressive.
 I’ve personally only lived thru 23  of the 40…that’s actually pretty amazing to me too!
It always feels like a very exciting time!  I think its because the Craft Show kind of introduces the Fall shopping season.
So this week Chester is Putting on the  Ritz…..
The downtown merchants are getting ready for “craft show weekend”.  Customers are in the shops trying to get an early sneak peak at what merchants are going to be bringing out for the craft show!.  Today a couple stopped in and mentioned that they were having weekend company and were strolling the town ahead of time picking out their favorite shops so they could bring their friends shopping over the weekend.  Wow!  Now that is organized shopping!
All week trucks have jammed Main Street delivering goods to the shops…there have been lots of empty cartons on the curb for garbage pick up so I know that everyone is stocking up.
Craft Show

Chester NJ

Craft Show

Chester NJ Fall Craft Show

It’s a little like reverse spring cleaning…shops are bring reorganized – goods are being moved around (in a desperate effort to make aisle space)- new merchandise is being stocked on the shelves –  beautiful new vignettes are being created – a little taste of what is coming this fall for the holidays is being offered….all in anticipation of the crowds of people who are going to descend upon the town this weekend!!!
It’s a fun time to be in Chester – I can feel the creative juices flowing in the streets    Chester is puttin on its best face and wants to make a good impression  and there are all sorts of goodies sure to please even the most discerning customers!
Take a peak this weekend or for that matter we would welcome you any day of the week!
It is going to be a beautiful weekend with perfect temperatures for shopping and strolling thru Chester so come and spend a day with us…or stay! 
 We’re Puttin on the Ritz for you!

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