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A Glass of Wine Please

I have a list of 10 Wineries that will be participating in the

Chester Wine & Food Festival – June 14 & 15 – right here in

Chester NJ…Woohoo!

Today I will give you a little “taste” of five of them…they are all prestigious members of the Garden State Wine Growers Association

so, ahem,  get your taste buds ready


Cava Winery & Vineyard
“In our process of winemaking, we hope to achieve outright alchemy.”

Chester Wine & Food Festival

Cava Winery

“Situated in the beautiful Skylands of northwest New Jersey, Cava Winery & Vineyard is a story of a family journey. Our path, in simple terms, is respecting the old ways but creating something new and maintaining connectedness. After tracing our family lineage back to Italy and finding our name on the side of a bottle, a dream evolved into reality.”

To learn more about this winery just click here!

DiMatteo Vineyards
“…the wine list continues to grow, and many of the wines are award winning year after year.”

Wine Festival Chester NJ

DiMatteo Winery

“We are featured as one of the Outer Coastal Plain Wineries. The Outer Coastal Plains American Viticultural Area (AVA) has climatic and soil conditions which are amongst the best in the East Coast for producing high quality wine.”

To learn more about DiMatteo Vineyard


Plagido’s Winery

“All grapes that are used in our wines are Estate Grown.”

Chester Wine & Food Festival

Plagido Winery

“We pride ourselves with not only being a family owned business that treats our customers like family but also, by doing things right.”

More info on Plagido Winery 


Tomasello Winery

“Founded over 78 years ago by our grandfather, we are the third generation of Tomasellos to build upon his great vision.”

Chester NJ Wine Festival

Tomasello Winery

“…We would like to take that a step beyond and say that: Yes, great wines are made at our vineyard, but it is the celebrations, the gatherings, the good times with family and friends that makes a wine even greater.”

More Info on Tomasello Winery


Valenzano Winery & Vineyard

“In 1996 Valenzano Winery became Burlington County’s first winery.”

Chester Wine Festival

Valenzano Winery

  “15 years after their inception Valenzano Wines has become a top sold brand in wine stores throughout New Jersey and is clearly recognized as a leader in east-coast winemaking & viticulture.”

More Info about Valenzano Winery


I will present the rest of the NJ Wineries participating in my next blog post…
Meanwhile, you can start dreaming about what you would like to sample!



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