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Sip, Snack, Stroll & Shop at the Wine Festival in Chester NJ

Chester Wine Festival 2015

June 20th & 21st – Municipal Field, Chester, NJ

Go To: WineFestivalChester for your tickets!!!

If you can forget about Wine for a moment..(I know that will be hard to do but try)…

Why you ask?  Because we have some really Good Food lined up for your gastronomic pleasure at the Wine Festival!!!

Star of the Sea Seafood

Amazing Seafood Selections!

Chester Wine Festival NJ

Star of the Sea Shrimp are prepared FRESH

A family owned and operated business Star of the Sea Seafood will be serving up their tantalizing delicious homemade gourmet seafood.  Yummmm!

They stand out from their competition because they take pride in guaranteeing the best product available.  Their flounder, oysters, scallops, crab meat and all other seafood products are prepared FRESH.  Your taste buds will go wild!

 Sum Pig Food Truck

Globally Inspired Unique Comfort Food

Wine Festival Chester NJ

Sum Pig Food Truck

“PIG” not only refers to our delicious smoked meats, but our portion sizes as well.  We encourage our valued customers, who we affectionately refer to as friends, to PIG OUT!  We stricve to place a smile on your face and leave your hunger a distant memory.

Wow, I copied that directly from their website…it sounds like the food choices at the festival will be as good as the free flowing wine!

Empanada Guy

Gourmet Latin Tapas

Empanada Guy Food Truck

Empanada Guy Food Truck

Empanadas are named after the Spanish verb ’empanar’ which means to coat or wrap in bread.  An empanada is a fried or baked turnover in the shape of a half-moon made with flour dough or corn flour dough.  You can stuff it with any number of things.  We make ours in various flavors:  Beef, chicken, cheese, Mexican chorizo, lobster, crab and apple and cinnamon and enclose them in flour dough.

Cherries on Top

Ice Cream and Frozen Treats

Wine Festival Chester NJ

Cherries on Top

Cherries on Top is famous for hand crafted sundaes, old fashioned soda floats, real fruit smoothies, hand scooped cones, creamy shakes and strawberry lemonade.  Their desserts are da’bomb!

Silver Birch Kitchens

Homemade Favorites, Done Right!

Wine Festival Chester NJ

Silver Birch Kitchens

They will be bringing some of your favorites…and they also do Weekly dinner service, catering for all your special moments.  Delicious fresh made jams, sweet breads, soups, dips and other fun culinary creations.

Fusion Zensation

Fusion of American, Asian and European Gourmet Food

Wine Festival Chester NJ

Fusion Zensation

Check out their facebook page…all the food looks amazing!

As usual, it will be hard to decide what to eat first….it’s good that the Wine Festival goes on all afternoon so I can eat more…and drink more…and eat more!  And then of course you could always return the 2nd day!!  You could also take a break from all that sipping & snacking and stroll down Main Street in Chester for some great shopping opportunities.

Go to WinefestivalChester now to get your tickets!


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