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Another Craft Show Weekend in Chester NJ

Labor Day Weekend has passed….and you know what that means!

Craft Show Weekend is upon us once again in Chester, NJ.  Yup it’s 2 days away!

Come join in the fun!  It’s supposed to be a beautiful weekend with no threat of rain so you will be able to wander the craft show then come down Main Street and see what the shops have to offer…which is a lot!!!

There are some new shops too…like the Olive & the Stone and the Dainty Dandelion!

But don’t miss all your old favorites too…like imagiNations, Objects of Desire, The Whistling Elk, Random Acts of Fresco, Mila Moda, Katie J’s, Lynn’s Décor, NJ Ballroom Dance Center, Fresco Mexican Retaurant, El Monte Coffee Roasters,  Aztec Mexican Restaurant, Sweet Spot Bake Shop, The Dainty Dandelion and
Chester Limo!
 and soooooo much more!

BTW Did we tell you that the businesses listed just above have contracted with  Dennis & Judi  who will be visiting Chester on October 4th….oh my!  I guess we didn’t….well it’s true…they will be here from 12 noon until 2 pm and it will be fun!  Watch our facebook page for more info on this.



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