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The Whistling Elk – 25 Years of Beautiful Home Décor and Gifts

I hope you have enjoyed the stories that I have written about some of the Chester businesses recently.  I wrote about these shops to accompany our advertising campaign which is running on 101.5 Radio now thru May 2016.  Hopefully, you are enjoying our ad spots!

So…I have finished writing about 15 of the 16 participating businesses and just have myself left to do…

hmmm, so here I am writing about my own shop (again)!

shopping in chester nj

The Whistling Elk, Chester NJ

 The Whistling Elk has been in Chester for 25 years now.  We have moved three times during our time here….each location had its own personality and for the last three years the shop has been located at 50 Main Street.

The focus of the shop has always been and still is “casually elegant home furnishing and accessories”. 

home decor

The Whistling Elk for casually elegant home furnishings and accessories

chester nj

The Whistling Elk for Home Décor

In addition to home furnishings we sell lots of products that make great gifts for you, your family and friends!

 For example we sell Lampe Berger…which is one of my favorite products….it’s an air purifier that fragrances your home in a very devine fashion.  I keep it going in the shop 24/7…so what I hear all day long in the shop is “It smells sooo good in here! – what is that?” and “I want to move in here”.

Chester nj

Lampe Berger “Lampes” at The Whistling Elk

home decor at the Whistling Elk

Lampe Berger Fragrance comes in many varieties

   We have been selling our beautiful, soft throw blankets for the whole 25 years!

chester nj

The Whistling Elk, Chester NJ carries beautiful luxurious throw blankets

Recently we sourced a new line of Tea from Toronto…and began importing delicious Sloane Teas in June – it’s mixed by a Professional Tea Sommelier and comes in lovely tins so when you finish the tea you have a wonderful container to leave on your kitchen counter with fresh herbs or flowers in it.

So pretty!

chester nj

Sloane Tea from Toronto at The Whistling Elk

The Whistling Elk Home Decor in Chester NJ

What could be better than drinking your delicious tea out of a pretty cup?

We have always carried wonderful artwork and lampes…and lots of little accessories for the kitchen, bar and all the living spaces of your home.

The Whislting Elk

One of my favorite pieces of artwork

chester nj

The Whistling Elk for home décor

Paint Couture™ is another product I love…I paint furniture and accessories and give Paint Workshops for people who want to learn how to paint their own masterpieces.

Chester NJ home decor

Painted, Stenciled and Glazed Furniture at The Whistling Elk – Paint Couture products

 There is so much more to love in this glamorous shop…Come and see for yourself .   I write a blog for my business so you can always read about what is going on here by visiting or check us out on facebook 

I love Chester, it’s such a beautiful area to have a shop….It’s still as lovely today as the first day I opened 25 years ago!

My customers love shopping in Chester because it has so many interesting choices.  Something I learned while interviewing the merchants for their stories is that there really is a common theme in Chester – every merchant loves their customers and being here in Chester…such a great group of shops in a small “town” setting.

And, while you are here…take a look around at what a beautiful town Chester is…especially this time of year.  Enjoy the brick sidewalks lined with trees and the “garden” areas around town that just make you feel good!   Chester truly brings you Old World Charm with contemporary shopping and dining!


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