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There is a Common Theme in Chester NJ

Some enterprising merchants in Chester, NJ  have banded together with 101.5 to tout what is great about Chester.

chester nj

Chester is such a lovely town…it has Old World Charm with Contemporary Shopping & Dining!

In conjunction with the advertising spots that you will hear on 101.5 verrrry soon…we will be running some stories about the various participating businesses on

Chester NJ

Chester NJ early in the morning….on Main Street

As I was interviewing various Chester Merchants I noticed a common theme emerging…that is they all love what they do…that is such a wonderful thing to hear!

Owning a business is a lot of work, and more hours than you could imagine, but the reward is that you get to surround yourself with things that you love and that make you happy because you get to share them with your customers…thus bringing them happiness.  W.O.W. that is amazing and wonderful.

Starting next week we will be writing about the merchants represented in the 101.5 ads and you can read all about it here!  Our radio spots will begin September 28th on 101.5 – listen for us!!



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