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imagiNations…an International Boutique right here on Main Street, Chester!

chester nj shopping

Love the Purple Sign – Tells you right off the mark that this is a creative place…

imagiNations…is the creation of a small group of family and friends who are trying to make the world a little bit smaller by bringing various artworks, crafts, jewelry and clothing from around the world to you.  (By the way…what a beautiful and creative name for the shop!)

shopping in Chester NJ

Colorful display of Scarves at imagiNations

Jess & Scott at imagiNations are committed to “doing the right thing” whether that means purchasing from certified fair trade wholesalers or working with artists directly.

For the past three years imagiNations has resided at 44 Main Street in Chester.  Jess describes their purchasing agents as “family and friends who live in various countries and work with the local population to acquire the goods that we are able to offer.”

How cool is that!

Chester NJ shopping

Fair Trade Clothing at imagiNations

 “Since we are small, we are able to work closely with the local vendors and various fair trade vendors to make sure that a “Fair” agreement is reached when purchasing the various goods; this way we know that the local population (here and abroad) is benefiting from each and every transaction that is made and that” says Jess  “is extremely important to us.”

chester nj

Cool Fair Trade bracelets at imagiNations

When asked about shop favorites, laughing, Jess says “I love all of my products…but one of my new faves is the up-cycled Malia Fair Trade Cement bags!  They have amazing elephant prints and the artisan group  who creates them works to support victims of human trafficking.

shopping in chester nj

Up-cycled cement bags…withFabulous Elephant [prints at imagiNations

This is a bright, happy boutique with a conscience…when you walk in the colors strike you and make you feel happy and refreshed and everywhere you look there is something to catch your eye and if that is not enough you know that you are doing good in the world with every purchase you make.

Jess goes on to say “My favorite thing about Chester is the open air shopping and personal shopping experience! and I think my customers favor the stories behind our items and that the items are hand-made and support artisans around the globe.”

So next time you are in Chester be sure to visit this unique, fun, colorful boutique … a breath of fresh on Main Street!

And, while you are in town…take a look around at what a beautiful town Chester is…especially this time of year.  Enjoy the brick sidewalks lined with trees and the “garden” areas around town that just make you feel good!   Chester truly brings you Old World Charm with contemporary shopping and dining!   


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