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Put on your Dancing Shoes and Prepare to have the Time of Your Life at NJ Ballroom Dance Center in Chester NJ

 Two years ago the NJ Ballroom Dance Center opened its doors at 44 Main Street.

chester nj

NJ Ballroom Dance Center – Dance for elegance, fun, exercise, all around good health!

The Ballroom is  beautiful, light and airy with lots of windows and mirrors…and of course the dance floor is amazing.  The whole space is enchanting and elegant!  Just peeking in the front door makes you want to put on your dancing shoes…

chester nj shopping and dining

NJ Ballroom Dance Center in Chester NJ

Now I don’t know about you but I always associate dancing with happiness…it just seems like when people are dancing they are happy!  They are smiling and having a good time!

chester nj

NJ Ballroom Dance Center, Chester NJ

  Lora Villavicencio and Josh McCracken, the owners of the NJ Ballroom Dance Center are exactly the kind of people I would expect to operate a Dance Ballroom.  They exude happiness and charm and are just plain fun to be around.  So when they say they have a “fun and easy method” to teach dance I believe them wholeheartedly.

   They have both danced professionally (there are some amazing photos of them in the Ballroom and on their website – along with their extensive dance resumes…you have to check it out!

chester nj

NJ Ballroom Dance Center, Chester NJ

The Ballroom on Main Street may be new to Chester but Lora and Josh bring you 25 years of experience in dance method, choreography and even professional coaching.   So whether it’s for a special occasion like a wedding or just for fun, they’ll get you dancing in no time.

 Lora and Josh specialize in teaching singles and couples Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Salsa and much more.   They also host “Social Sessions” where you can come and practice what you are learning along with fellow enthusiasts.

chester nj

NJ Ballroom Dance Center – Great for exercise and putting a smile on your face!

Perhaps you are looking to enter dance competitions…you know fine tune your skills – well this is the place!  Lora and Josh are ready to design a package that meets your needs and objectives.  NJ Ballroom Dance Center has you covered…7 days a week…with private, group and social sessions weekly…

So what are you waiting for?  Put on your dancing shoes and prepare to have the experience of a lifetime!

chester nj shopping and dining

NJ Ballroom Dance Center, Chester NJ

And, while you are in town…take a look around at what a beautiful town Chester is…especially this time of year.  Enjoy the brick sidewalks lined with trees and the “garden” areas around town that just make you feel good!   Chester truly brings you Old World Charm with contemporary shopping and dining!   


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