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El Monte Coffee Roasters Serves Fresh Roasted Coffee with a side of “Smile” in Chester NJ

Surprise, Surprise!  Another family-owned business in Chester.

Another reason to love this little town…Chester!…it’s what America is all about.  Small business!

Every day for 18 years Blanca has been serving delicious fresh-roasted coffee and fresh-baked goods to her customers at El Monte Coffee Roasters.   When Blanca says customers she really means “family”.

dining in chester nj

El Monte serves delicious empanadas

It’s a loyal group too…Blanca describes them as “devoted” and she really loves them “like family”.

And…if you read the reviews about this little spot tucked on Perry Street amid the trees…the feeling is mutual!  Customers comment that the coffee is “top notch” and call the café the “Valhalla of Coffee”.  I loved the review that simply said “great beans”.

Chester NJ

This is a mere fraction of the fresh roasted coffee beans available at El Monte Coffee Roasters

Great Beans may be one the keys to success…since they roast them right there on the premises every day… but the relaxing atmosphere of this little coffee shop and the smile you always get when you are there is another!

Try the Empanadas or the Tartas or the Scones…all fresh baked and delicious all served up with a smile and wonderful service – you’ll be back for more!

chester nj

El Monte Coffee Roasters in Chester just a few steps off Main Street – on Perry

You will find El Monte Coffee Roasters on Perry Street which is just a few steps off Main.  They have a nice outside Courtyard where you can sip and relax without the bustle of the crowded sidewalks on Main Street.

coffee and fresh baked goods

El Monte Coffee Roasters on Perry Street in Chester NJ

chester nj

El Monte Coffee Roasters, Chester NJ

And, while you are in town…take a look around at what a beautiful town Chester is…especially this time of year.  Enjoy the brick sidewalks lined with trees and the “garden” areas around town that just make you feel good!   Chester truly brings you Old World Charm with contemporary shopping and dining!   



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