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And That Is What Makes a Teacher Great !

There is such a variety of businesses here in Chester.  Many of the shops I have written about recently are retail shops but there is so much more here in our community!  Time 2 ReadNJ is one such interesting business.  Kaitlyn Smith, owner of  Time2ReadNJ, finds herself on the road much of the time as she goes to her clients – many of whom are located right here in Chester!


Group of happy children lying on a green grass and reading books

While the business entities may vary here in Chester…the enthusiasm of the small business owner is something that does not vary.  I love that I hear the same passion in Kaitlyn that I have heard from all the shop owners I have interviewed to date!

What is Time2ReadNJ?

 Well, it is a wonderful program that builds language and learning skills to lay the foundation for lifelong success and reading pleasure for children.    In my opinion that is a very powerful statement – and what a mission statement for a business!   Time2ReadNJ assesses and develops individualized instructional programs of the highest quality that promote reading success for each student.

Kaitlyn, an experienced teacher, is a graduate of Towson University with a Master’s in Education from Seton Hall.  She also holds an Educational Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership.  When I asked Kaitlyn what she values most about her chosen profession she said “I love having a direct impact on the lives of children and know the lasting impact that reading will have – it sets them up for lifetime success!”

Early on in her career while teaching children in and out of the classroom, Kaitlyn witnessed many students struggling to master reading in a large classroom setting and knew that she wanted to focus on this critical aspect of their development…so when the opportunity came along she decided to tackle the problem of reading skills and Time2Read became her conduit to making a difference!

“Working individually with a child, I am able to tailor the instruction for just that student. Music, puppets, favorite board games and favorite video game characters are just some of the different things I have incorporated into lessons to help children develop their reading skills” states Kaitlyn.  “I LOVED going to school as a child and I want that for every child I teach…I love going into the homes and watching the children get excited.  It makes me happy that I can teach them, and know they will have fun learning.”

I can feel Kaitlyn’s enthusiasm for her work as she continues “Whether it’s learning a new letter, sound, sight word, or reading a whole chapter independently, it brings me such great joy to see the progress of each student. My goal is to teach them to read and show them how to love reading for life!”


Sharing favorite books with friends!

Wow.  I so understand why Kaitlyn loves what she does….I myself L.O.V.E. reading and books!   I can’t imagine what life would be like without this skill.  It just opens doors to everything.  So to bring this ability to a child must feel really really good!!!  And that my friends is what a being a great teacher is all about!

kaitlyn Smith of Time2Read

Matilda – Isnt it the best to sit and read and contemplate….how wonderful to be surrounded by books!

Kaitlyn says “I just love when children begin to become engaged in stories I bring simply because then I know they are beginning to understand and appreciate them.”

chester nj

Photo Found on OurFamily2Yours


You can reach out to Kaitlyn thru her website  or call her at 973-722-2732.

You can also email her at


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