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The Concept of “Community” is Built Right into The Art of the Heart!

 The concept of “community” is built right into a Chester business called The Art of the Heart.

chester nj

The Art of the Heart – Classes, Crystals and More!

Sue Freeman, the owner, says she focuses on offering tools for personal growth, healing and spiritual connection.  She has put together a practitioner community offering a variety of services to help people nourish the mind, body and soul – including classes, crystals, sage and more.  They have lots of books in their “book nook”!

chester, nj

The Book Nook at The Art of the Heart

Sue says her favorite products right now come with names like “Angels Sing”, “Tannenbaum” and “Holiday Delight”….these are sprays for the holidays…and they are made from 100% therapeutic grade essential oils and charged with crystals to give them an energetic signature.  They smell amazing and best of all they are made fresh at The Art of the Heart!

chester nj

“Sprays” at The Art of the Heart…delicious and healing!

The oils originate from Young Living and Sue plans to build on this new introduction by creating other oil blends and lotions.  In general Sue loves crystals and their many uses and qualities…creating change, calm and so much more.


Carnelian crystals at The Art of the Heart

Six years ago Sue, a long time Chester resident, was looking for a location to hold classes, offer readings and practice Reiki.  Because things happen for a reason…the space Sue found offered more in that it was a “retail” space…so the concept of a shop was born and fit perfectly with her plans for classes.

 Sue has never looked back and loves being in Chester!

chester nj

Her customers love the shop too…and the energy they feel there.  They tell her “it feels comforting to be here…like home”.  They especially love the “zen den” where they can sit and relax, sipping tea and chatting with others.  Sue says the Himalayan Sea Salts here exude negative ions that help you feel good….wow, that sounds great!

And, while you are here…take a look around at what a beautiful town Chester is…especially this time of year.  Enjoy the brick sidewalks lined with trees and the “garden” areas around town that just make you feel good!   Chester truly brings you Old World Charm with contemporary shopping and dining!



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